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Build Up Skills Finland project period is from November 1st 2011 to April 30th 2013. The project is coordinated by Motiva Services with Work Efficiency Institute, Amiedu Foundation and Training centre for the Construction Industries RATEKO as project partners. The project aims at increasing the skills and information on energy efficiency among construction workers.


| How to use | Templates

The two key deliverables about the national status-quo analysis as well as the national roadmap are elaborated on a common template to foster comparability of reports and results.


| How to use | BUILD UP SKILLS logo.

All BUILD Up Skills projects use the same common logo. It exists in two formats (vertical and horizontal).

In addition to a reference that this project is supported by the IEE programme, projects have to display the following legal disclaimer on any written information produced for your project or event.




The Library offers a collection of relevant existing policies and initiatives at EU level, relevant publications and studies available on the topics related to BUILD Up Skills from the identification of skills needed for the challenge of achieving nearly zero-energy buildings, statistics of the sector and of key Intelligent Energy Europe projects as well as national good practices.

The Library is structured into different sections according to the topic of BUILD UP Skills and includes further a section for the national teams on how to use the logos and templates.


Calendar of events in Europe

The calendar of event informs about activities within the BUILD UP Skills Initiative as well as about events related to the Initiative.

In each participating country a series of meetings with stakeholders will take place until the end of 2013. These meetings are part of the national qualification platforms. Furthermore representatives of all national projects meet twice a year to exchange know-how and findings.

Click a country from the right to view events of this country or click directly one the listed events.


EU Activities

Throughout the whole BUILD UP Skills Initiative, regular exchange activities are organised at EU level to underline the European dimension and to foster the learning among countries. Many challenges in the building sector seem country-specific but often turn out to be common for many countries. These meetings foster the exchange and transfer of the rich technical expertises and experiences within the national BUILD UP Skills teams.


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