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The objective of the BUILDEST project was to embed training on efficient and sustainable energy solutions for buildings in the mainstream curricula and practice of building professionals in Estonia, taking into account the expected contribution of the building sector to the national 2020 targets and the requirements for “nearly zero-energy buildings”. The ultimate goal of the Roadmap and Action Plan on education was to encourage relevant national stakeholders to provide trainings, modify and innovate the existing qualification system requirements so as to improve considerably the level of continuing education in the building sector, taking into account common European trends. 

The BUILDEST consortium was built of five (5) organisations highly involved in energy-efficiency measures development and implementation for Estonian building sector workforce training. The partners of BUILDEST consortium were Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Foundation Kredex, Foundation Innove, Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs and Tallinn University of Technology.  

BUILDEST project started 1.11.2011 and ended 30.04.2013.