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Get engaged! BUILD UP Skills brings together all relevant stakeholders in national platforms to exchange on training and qualification of the building workforce on energy-efficiency and renewable energy. Professional chambers, trade unions, industries, experts on training, energy in buildings, management, etc. – all perspectives and experiences are needed.

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Contribute to national priority setting: a key achievement of BUILD UP Skills will be endorsed national roadmaps pinpointing to the most important changes and concrete measures needed in the continuous education system of the building sector.

EU Activities

Throughout the whole BUILD UP Skills Initiative, regular exchange activities are organised at EU level to underline the European dimension and to foster the learning among countries. Many challenges in the building sector seem country-specific but often turn out to be common for many countries. These meetings foster the exchange and transfer of the rich technical expertises and experiences within the national BUILD UP Skills teams.


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From strategy to action: Based on agreed national roadmaps the BUILD UP Skills Initiative will support the introduction or upgrade of concrete qualification schemes on regional, national and multi-national level.

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Share and win: New skills and qualifications for the building sector are a common challenge across Europe. 30 European countries have joined forces and work together, to share their ideas and findings and to learn from each other.