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1st meeting (kick-off) of the Greek National Qualification Platform (NQP).

1st meeting (kick-off) of the Greek National Qualification Platform (NQP). More than 30 people representing the key stakeholders in the fields of energy systems and buildings as well as in the training and qualification areas participated in this meeting (plus 18 participants from the consortium partners).


Greece Activities Introduction

  • In the frame of BUS-GR the following activities will be carried out:
  • Adequate investigation of all professions of workers of the building construction sector, both conventional (craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and specialized (installers and inspectors), in terms of existing courses and training schemes, either belonging to the national continuing education system or not.

Η Πρωτοβουλία BUILD UP Skills

Σε 30 ευρωπαϊκές χώρες έχουν ήδη διαμορφωθεί οι εθνικές ομάδες της Πρωτοβουλίας BUILD UP Skills. Όπως συμβαίνει σε κάθε χώρα, έτσι και στην Ελλάδα οι κύριοι δημόσιοι φορείς που δραστηριοποιούνται στο χώρο έχουν δημιουργήσει μια κοινοπραξία για να εργαστούν από κοινού για τη βελτίωση των προσόντων και των δεξιοτήτων των εργαζομένων στον κατασκευαστικό κλάδο, οι οποίες είναι απαραίτητες για την επίτευξη ανακαινίσεων υψηλής ενεργειακής απόδοσης και νέων “σχεδόν μηδενικής κατανάλωσης ενέργειας” κτιρίων.


National Country Block

National teams have been already formed in 30 European countries. As is the case in each country, in Greece key public players have formed a consortium to work together for the improvement of the qualifications and skills of building workers, which are essential to deliver high energy performance renovations and new “nearly zero energy” buildings. Click below to learn more about the activities carried out in Greece in the frame of the BUS-GR Project.


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