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2nd and 3rd Consultation Meetings of the Greek National Qualification Platform (NQP)

The 2nd and 3rd Consultation Sessions of the BUS-GR "National Qualification Platform” was decided to be held together, on the same day, because of the relevance of the issues to be discussed. So, on Thursday 11/7/2013, at the Auditorium of GSEVEE, 22 representatives of key stakeholders in the fields of energy systems and buildings, as well as in the fields of training and qualifications, attended the works of this “Consultation Day”, along with 28 representatives of the consortium partners of BUS-GR. After a brief reminder of the project objectives, activities undertaken and results achieved so far, a thorough presentation of the structure of the "National Qualification Roadmap" that is under preparation for Greece was given by the EPU-NTUA experts working in the project, together with examples from other already completed Roadmaps from other countries. There was also made a review of the priorities regarding the required new knowledge, skills and competences of the construction sector workforce in the ES / RES issues of interest. Then, according to the planning, two thematic workshops were held, where all participants had the opportunity to express their opinion and share their experiences about the priorities for training of workers in the construction sector in particular aspects of ES and RES. In the second part of the “Consultation Day” (Session 3), first a review of priorities for shaping the conditions for the qualifications in ES / RES was made by Dr. Ioanna Dede (EOPPEP), and then a discussion was held between the attendants where an attempt was made - from the placements of the representatives of organizations involved in the NQP - to analyze the above mentioned  priorities for certification of qualifications of the construction sector workforce on ES and RES.

Both sessions were videotaped, and what was exactly discussed there can be seen in the relevant video uploaded on Youtube:

Contact person: 
Ms G. Michalopoulou
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Start date: 
Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 11:00
Athens (Auditorium of GSEVEE)
End date: 
Thursday, July 11, 2013