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Project short description

Since well qualified construction workers are one of the key factors for achieving significant contribution towards the 2020 energy efficiency objectives, in both the national and EU levels, the Project "BUILD UP Skills - Greece" (BUS-GR) – focusing on and addressing the specific Greek needs – aims to facilitate the Building sector Workforce Training and Qualification by agreeing on and elaborating a National Qualification Roadmap.

The specific objectives of BUS-GR are to:

- form a national platform on Energy Efficiency and RES related training programs and qualification schemes for the building construction sector workers;

- identify and quantify the need for qualified workforce in Greece in order to describe the current status quo;

- design and set up a national training and qualification strategy (the Roadmap) up to 2020 for the achievement of national sustainable energy goals;

- ensure the roadmap adoption by all relevant stakeholders in Greece via the appropriate endorsement activities.

Project coordinator
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)
Contact name
Dr. Charalampos Malamatenios
Email address
Key documents
1st NQP Meeting_Agenda.pdf 1st NQP Meeting_List of participants.pdf 1st NQP Meeting_Presentations.pdf Leaflet BUS-GR.pdf 1st Consultation Meeting_Agenda.pdf 1st Consultation Meeting_List of participants.pdf BUS-GR_1st Consultation Meeting (26-2-13).pdf 1st NQP meeting_Minutes.pdf D2.3_BUILD UP Skills-Greece_Status quo Report (EN).pdf BUILD UP Skills-Greece_Status quo (EL).pdf BUS-GR_2nd & 3rd CMs_Agenda.pdf BUS-GR_2nd & 3rd CMs_Presentations.pdf National Roadmap - Greece (draft)_September 2013 (GR).pdf National Roadmap - Greece (draft)_September 2013 (EN).pdf 4th CM_Agenda.pdf BUS-GR_NQP 4th CM_Presentations.pdf D1.3_BUS-GR_Newsletter 1 (Nov 2012).pdf BUS-GR_Newsletter 2.pdf NEWSLETTER 3.pdf NEWSLETTER 4.pdf D1.6_BUS GR Press releases - Articles.pdf Final_2014_BuildUpSkills_Texnikoii_Brochure.pdf Final_2014_BuildUpSkills_Ekpaideutikoi_Brochure.pdf D2.1-D2.2_Status quo_Skills gap Analysis_draft (EL).pdf D3.1 NQP formulation and KoM.pdf D3.2 Consultation Methodology and Structure Plan.pdf D3.3 NQP SUSTAINABILITY PLAN_TUC.pdf D4.1_Occupational and Functional Map.pdf Occupational & Functional Map_GR.pdf D4.2 Report on Priorities_EL.pdf D4.2 Report on Priorities_EN.pdf D4.3 CERTIFICATION PROCESS AND REQUIREMENTS.pdf D5.1 Strategic Plan.pdf D5.3 Comments gathered_EL.pdf D5.3 Comments gathered_EN.pdf D5.4_BUS-GR_National Roadmap_Greece (EL).pdf D5.4_BUS-GR_National Roadmap_Greece (EN).pdf D6.1_MEMORANDUM OF ENDORSEMENT.pdf D6.3_POSITION PAPER_TUC.pdf D6 4 ENDORSEMENT ACTIVITIES REPORT_TUC.pdf BUS-GR_Texnikoi_Brochure.pdf BUS-GR_Ekpaideutikoi_Brochure.pdf


Project Coordinator