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4th Consultation Meeting of the National Qualification Platform of BUS-GR

The 4th Consultation Meeting of the BUS-GR "National Qualification Platform” was held on Tuesday 12/11/2013, at the Auditorium of GSEVEE (Athens). After a short briefing on the project activities and results achieved so far, a thorough presentation of the draft of the "National Qualification Roadmap" that is under preparation for Greece was given by the EPU-NTUA experts working in the project. Also, the TUC associates made a presentation of (provided information on…) the Roadmap’s endorsement actions included in the BUS-GR work-programme, as well as of the “Letter of Endorsement” that the various stakeholders / members of the NQP will be called upon to sign. Discussion ensued, where placements from the representatives of bodies involved in the NQP were made with the following content:

• Comments on the measures and actions foreseen in the Roadmap for the sector represented.

• Potential obstacles to achieve the 2020 targets.

• Proposals for the establishment of a monitoring and feedback mechanism of the action plan.

• Support - active involvement of corporate bodies for the implementation of the Roadmap’s Actions.

The 4th (and last) Consultation Meeting of the NQP was videotaped, and what was exactly discussed there can be seen in the relevant video uploaded on Youtube:

Contact person: 
G. Michalopoulou
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Start date: 
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 11:00
Auditorium of GSEVEE
End date: 
Tuesday, November 12, 2013