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Expert Panel for Status Quo


A meeting between various people on a set subject, focused in advance on the panel's meeting. The members of the panel, who are usually known as "panellists", express their technical and qualified opinion and point of view on the matter. The duration is about 2 hours and is led by a moderator.


Skill gaps between the current situation and that required in 2020, referring to energy efficiency and renewable energy qualification needs.


- INCUAL (National Institute of Qualifications)
- EOI (Industrial Organisation School)
- FTFE (Tripartite Foundation for Work Training)
- AM Architecture and Town Planning
- Labour Foundation for Construction, Madrid Central Office
- Virgen de la Paloma Secondary School
- INCUAL. National Institute of Qualifications


After having dealt with the various indicators predicted by the documentary and experimental analyses, validation of the results obtained is carried out.  The objective is to confirm and support the investigation and, as such, achieve supported, unanimous opinions which reliably show the current reality or "status quo" in this environment. In order to do so, an expert panel is held in which the experts answer a questionnaire showing how much they agree with the conclusions found and.  Afterwards, these conclusions are debated within the group.

Contact person: 
Javier González López
Contact Organisation: 
Labour Foundation for Construction
Start date: 
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 00:30
End date: 
Wednesday, May 23, 2012