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Project short description

This project aims at bringing together the Portuguese stakeholders related to craftsmen working on the building sector and installers of energy systems, including those based on renewable sources; establishing a national platform of engagement and setting up a national roadmap driving the training process until 2020 and beyond. The project team – LNEG, DGEG, ADENE and ANQ - give support to the national authorities in energy, education and training and, therefore, have the potential of gathering in this action the relevant national stakeholders from industry to social partners, as well as training institutions to crafts associations. The project work is developed at three different levels. The starting point analysis and the roadmap definition are performed at core team level. But contacts with stakeholders will be promoted from the beginning, in order to engage them in the National Qualification Platform (NQP), thus, constituting the second level. In NQP working sessions, the action plan is discussed in terms of trainees, trainers, courses, quality monitoring, incentives and drivers. Dissemination and endorsement will involve all relevant stakeholders.

Project coordinator
National Laboratory of Energy ang Geology, I.P. (LNEG)
Contact name
Helder Jose Perdigão Gonçalves
Email address
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Project News
13-03-2013 |
National Roadmap |

BUILD-UP SKILLS-Portugal focused on the evaluation of the workers in building sector, specifically craftsmen and installers, in terms of their...

10-10-2012 |
REQUEST Project Conference |

BUILD-UP SKILLS PORTUGAL will be presented during REQUEST Project, a conference organized by ADENE, in Salão Imobiliário de...