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National projects:
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Project short description

The project aims to provide National directions in the country towards implementation of European strategy target 20/20/20 in the energy and building sector.The organization of the actions is presented in these following steps:

-  Status quo Analysis of exiting law and by-laws that concern to energy efficiency and renewable energies and how they meet EU requirements. It will provide data about gap between EU practice and national legislation.

-  Analysis of the all qualifications and professions in the construction sector needs to be taken into consideration in the project actions since they have big influence in the field of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energies and they have to be selected for further training. Special focus shall be given to skills gap analysis as main pillar in prioritizing of build up skills activities and roadmap preparation.

-  Establishment of national platform with institutions interested in achieving national strategic goals and roadmap for qualifications and targets groups that have to be included in the process of knowledge transfer. 

-  Preparation of the roadmap according template provided by EU authority will be devised by project team which will be composed of partners’ representatives.

-  Endorsement of roadmap by Institutions joining National platform, are organized in the two steps: - roadmap endorsement by non-governmental institutions (private sector companies, associations and educational institutions) using conferences, round table and direct contacts, and - endorsement from the governmental institutions, managed by the Steering committee.

Project results 

-  Involvement of 5 public institutions, 10 private companies form building sector, 3 secondary schools, two faculties and 3 private training providers  in the process of establishment  of platform and road map preparation

-  50 Institutions joined to National  platform

-  Endorsed road map by private sector companies, educational institution, professional association, government and Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Organized 3 conferences with 100 participants from contractions sector, 3 round tables with educational institutions

-  Roadmap endorsed by 50 institutions

Project coordinator
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
Contact name
Jadranka Arizankovska
Email address
National website