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France has already carried out consistent work to determine training needs of building sector’s workforce at national but also regional and local levels. Different initiatives have also already been undertaken to train these workers. However, real barriers seem to exist to effectively reach all workers and craftsmen of the building sector and thus achieve energy efficiency (EE) targets set at the European and national levels for that sector. The aim of the “Build Up Skills France” action is to remove these barriers by defining a concrete roadmap for massive skills acquisition of building sector’s workforce until 2020. The project aims also to undertake a quantitative and qualitative assessment, shared by all stakeholders of current training demand and supply existing in France for the acquisition of the new skills required in the building sector for all “on-site” workers, as well as a review of the initiatives or experiments already carried out or under way at different levels (national, regional, local), to elaborate an action plan (a “roadmap”) in consultation with all relevant stakeholders (employers’associations, trade unions, vocational training centers, relevant authorities, etc.) in order to meet training needs and requirements but also remove the identified obstacles and to have this roadmap approved by all relevant stakeholders and, in particular, in link with the main authorities of the sector and the 27 French regions. This includes reflection to identify ways for financing its further implementation in complement of the existing system.

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Isabelle François
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Project News
29-11-2013 |
French roadmap : endorsed version published |

The french roadmap endorsed by the main stakeholders has been published today.

04-11-2013 |
Final french roadmap uploaded |

The final french roadmap with the chapters about implementation and monitoring has been uploaded in its french version the 29th of october on the...

30-08-2013 |
French roadmap on line |

The french roadmap is now on line :